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Our exclusive Luxury Beachside Spa services are here at one of the most beautiful, clean & private beaches in Ghana! The location of the beach will be revealed after your booking has been confirmed. Transportation is included. It’s only a one hour & 15 minute drive from East Legon. 

*Notes & Details*

$195 (1,950 ghc) Includes:

Transportation, One Hour Full Body Massage, Aromatherapy & Foot Scrub. 

Beachside massage is the same price as the waterfall massage also the same distance but in opposite directions.

For the beachside we leave at 10am to avoid traffic and we arrive around 11:15am. The resort has 3 amazing kitchens & the food is phenomenal! Your lunch will be ordered on arrival, and ready after your beachside massage. (Food price not included)

The beach resort has some lovely overnight stays that we also highly recommended. See below for overnight stay rates at the resort. (Overnight stay price is additional, see below)

Beach Resort Rooms Prices:

The Honeymoon One Bedroom is $170/Gh 2210
Sleeps 3 AC

The Oceanfront Suite Chalet is $140/Gh 1820
Sleeps 3

The Submarine is $130/Gh 1690
Sleeps 2 AC

The A-Frame is $110/Gh 1430
Sleeps 2 AC

The Myron Room is $110/Gh 1430
Sleeps 2 AC

The Commander's Room is $110/Gh 1430
Sleeps 2 AC

The Kofi Room is $90/Gh 1170
Sleeps 2 AC

Main House $300/ Gh 3900
Sleeps 7 AC

Front Row is $140/Gh 1820
Sleeps 2 AC

The Yum Yum Suite is $150/ Gh 1950
Sleeps 3 AC

Sunrise is $90/Gh 1170
Sleeps 2. AC

Horizon $150/Gh 1950
Sleeps 3. AC

Octagon $170/Gh 2210
Sleeps 3. AC

Dahomey $160/Gh 2080
Sleeps 4. AC

Heaven $170/Gh 2210
Sleeps 3. AC

Earth $150/ Gh 1950
Sleeps 3. AC

All room rates  are inclusive of breakfast and complimentary bottles drinking water.

To book the entire resort & all rooms:

3 X $170 510
2 X $140 280
1 X $130 130
3 X $110 330
2 X $ 90 180
3 X $150 450
1 X $160 160

Total: $2,040


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+ 1 336 903 5703 (USA Line)
+233 55 766 6460 (Ghana Line)


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